GreenCEO embarks on a decisive journey to reduce human impacts on the environment and preserve our precious resources while leveraging the SDGs to tackle some of the world’s most pressing challenges.


When short term support and limited sources of income are far from meeting the routine needs of resource users (family income, food and energy demand), people become overwhelmed with the responsibility of effectively protecting their natural resources. Natural ecosystems are degraded and communities are exposed to exacerbated impacts of climate change


Innovative Market-based Approach: We seize opportunities in existing markets for ecosystem services to support long term environmental and financial sustainability.

Diversified Income sources: We identify resources from which people can create economic opportunities in connection with nature conservation.

Up scaling Conservation: We help expand conservation efforts for tangible social, economic and environmental benefits.

Sustainable methodology: Our basic method for covering the costs of the project services and the intermediary fee is the sale of emission reduction certificates, public goods and externalities.


IMPACT: Improved Human well-being and environmental stewardship