GreenCEO Restoration Launch

The GreenCEO planted 1,000 mangroves equivalent of 0.44 ha along Junda at Mshomoroni area of the Tudor Creek Mangrove ecosystem. The restoration was proposed and approved by all the current team members as a launch strategy. The project was also important for setting up our mission to reverse environmental degradation and climate change for Social and Environmental equity.

Project Area Description

The Tudor Creek has undergone 80% of degradation for the past two decades leaving only a small percentage of the mangrove coverage. The creek is also facing threats from pollution and illegal logging in addition to the previous impacts from the El Niño rains of 1998. The trees will be surveyed and monitored over the coming months to ensure effective survival rate. The launch benefitted the selected 20 community participants, where 3 of them were employed to protect and manage the planted site. Research and scientific studies are welcomed to ensure sustainable management of the forest.


For environmental merit

ü  Mangrove planting of 1000 seedlings of 4 different species ( Rhizophora mucronata, Bruguiera gymnorhyza, Ceriops tagal and Avicennia marina)

ü  To start at zero carbon footprint as we work towards achieving a carbon net positive in our mission to reverse climate change

ü  To enhance survey and monitoring of the mangrove forest for sustainable management

ü  To enhance scientific research on biodiversity of the forest.

For Economic merits

ü  Job creation to the area youths

ü  Income generation from the planting exercise

Summary table of Achievements

Amount of CO2  offset per year12.3 tons
Target beneficiarriesCommunity Based Organization {1}, Community participants {20}
Area restored0.44 ha

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